Often times, residents who join us are doing it for the very first time. Below you will find useful information and common questions that we often receive. If you can’t find what you need, please get in touch directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do we offer?

Intensive Outpatient Therapy with safe and affordable housing for men to recover from drug and alcohol substance use disorder

Yes, all Medicaid except United. We also take Untited and Private insurances.

Early recovery; some exceptions are made, please call for details

There is no rent; after first four months of IOP, residents transfer to outpatient services where they are able to work full time and then they start to pay program fees which are minimal and pro-rated. 

Yes, after the first two weeks, may work starting at 4p and must be in at a reasonable time each night; however, we encourage clients that are in early recovery to focus on their sobriety first and foremost; no 3rd shift jobs allowed during the first 4 months

Just for the first two weeks, we require you have a buddy from the house if you need to run errands/go to recovery meetings

Yes; however it is required that they are turned off during groups and counseling and encouraged to be used minimally as creating community within the houses is important

We offer aftercare services to those who apply and meet the criteria.

Structure and services decrease as clients begin to integrate back into society; however, clients are never left feeling they are without support as we encourage prolonged community involvement; Starting August 2023, there will be a specific house dedicated to aftercare clients. 

Yes, for anything non program related

Yes; however, if the medications are on our discouraged use list, close work with our Nurse Practitioner is required and possible alternatives will be discussed

Yes; however, taking these medications is observed by staff

Yes; amount per week is dependent upon how far along in program you are

We recognize all pathways to recovery; however, AA/NA literature and references are heavily used; Clients must be actively partaking in a recovery program

Dogs are on a case by case basis and we limit to 1 dog per house at a time