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Simple Solutions Behavioral Health is revolutionizing Intensive Outpatient Therapy in Central Kentucky and its surrounding counties by offering a comprehensive solution that includes transportation to one of our specialized recovery residences in Lexington.

Our approach ensures accessibility and support for individuals seeking intensive therapy without the burden of transportation or accommodation worries. With our transportation service, individuals can easily reach our facilities in Lexington, where they can access our top-notch intensive outpatient therapy programs.

Furthermore, our specialized recovery residences provide a safe and supportive environment for those in need of accommodation during their recovery journey.

By removing logistical barriers, we empower individuals to focus on their recovery journey with the full support of our experienced team.

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Simple Solutions Accepts all Kentucky Medicaid Plans

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Charlie Lane
Charlie Lane
Thanks to Dave and everyone at simple solutions I have been clean for just over 2 years. While I was there I learned patience and understanding along with that everyone isn't against me and that I'm worth a better life.
Lacy Hall
Lacy Hall
Great place, Great people,Staff is family they help you get better life, live sober and clean. I personally went through this program and I am 15 months into a better life.
Kenneth Schultz
Kenneth Schultz
This program has helped me to find the fundamentals of recovery. Trust God, clean house, and give back freely. I found myself through this process and have a new found peace. The peer support is truly hear to help the clients get to where they wanna be and are very detailed in everything they do. I would suggest this program to anyone who is serious in wanting to change their life. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.
John Mullins
John Mullins
I've spent the Biggest part of my life in addiction,,never really seen a way out,,gave up on life long ago,, thought no one cared about me or even if I died from the disease of addiction ,,Then I found this place,,an Angel showed me the way,Simple Solutions has not just changed my life but saved my life as well,,The Staff an People here really, truly do care about people,,And they will teach you how to live sober,how to love yourself again,they will love you to life,just like they have for me and many others,this place is amazing,,I recommend it to anyone that is ready to start living there life sober,,I Love You Simple Solutions
Ben Hunt
Ben Hunt
They leaders here gave me the tools to find and face my core beliefs. Find the facts about my self. This is the first time i have not repeated the same pattern i have been trapped in for twenty years. Freedom and victory are amazing. I cant thank simple solution enough. This is an amazing place.
Tonya Wheatley
Tonya Wheatley
They current open a Women’s House. They are a team of people here that go the extra mile. Great. Love you all so much!
Michael Orme
Michael Orme
The workers at this facility are truly amazing. They possess an unparalleled level of professionalism and expertise, and their commitment to helping individuals on their path to recovery is evident in every interaction. Their genuine care and compassion create a safe and nurturing environment, allowing patients to feel comfortable and encouraged throughout the journey of healing.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
these guys are all about recovery with dignity, their hearts are on the right place!
David Eggers
David Eggers