David Eggers

David Eggers is the founder and CEO of Simple Solutions LLC. Being a native of Lexington Kentucky and being in recovery himself, Dave noticed the lack of structure, love and discipline within the sober living communities. This resulted in him setting out to create recovery housing programs that he could feel good about sending people to. Dave’s vision for intensive outpatient therapy and recovery housing includes an open-minded, integrated and individualized approach addressing the root causes of the clients’ substance use disorder. These services emphasize mind, body and spiritual wellness. utilizing both a peer driven community approach as well as top of the line clinical modalities. Outside of work, Dave enjoys spending time with his fiancé, watching the Green Bay Packers with his son, staying engaged in his own recovery, working out and, of course, watching and cheering on UK basketball. Simple Solutions is an absolute labor of love for Dave and he hopes he will be able to serve his community in this way for years to come.